Pastora Terry and Her Story


Pastor Terry Cheng is a living testimony of God’s great love and power. Anyone of you who is reading this right now, can experience the same thing, for God loves you and He is no respecter of persons.

Life Before Christ

In 1995, Pastor Terry found herself to be the most devastated and hopeless person in the world!

  • Her business went bankrupt and she was up to her eyeballs in debt (millions).
  • Her marriage had failed completely and she ended up being alone, separated from her husband.
  • She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer – she was in so much pain and was dying.

But in the midst of her most difficult  situation, Jesus Christ came and appeared to her and rescued her.  From that time on, her life was never the same again.

Pastor Terry applied the Word of God in her life and God healed her, restored her marriage and prospered her not only financially but in all areas of her life.  She is here to show us how having an intimate relationship with God could make the impossible possible for you no matter how difficult your situation maybe.

Victorious Life in Christ

Pastor Terry got born-again in 1998.  She started her ministry as a Bible teacher after she graduated from Bible school in the Philippines in the year 2000.

She and her husband, Bro. Robert Cheng, founded three churches in the Philippines, between 2001 and 2005, before they migrated to Hong Kong. From there, Pastor Terry became an international minister preaching the Gospel all over the world – in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. God has also endowed her with wisdom and miraculously paved the way for her to venture in real estate development business in Hongkong and she became very successful.

Since then, God has used her to help change and transform people’s lives. Her very own personal testimony on the unconditional love and grace of God has been an inspiration to many!

Countless of miracles, signs, and wonders such as divine healing, financial prosperity and restoration of broken relationships have  taken place in people’s lives.  Today, Pastor Terry continues to teach and demonstrate how to apply the Word of God so that you can be assured of complete victory and success in your life.

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